2023 Legislative Policies and Issues


  • Workforce Development – Support programs and schools which provide specialized workforce training and development of workers needed in the swine industry and Nebraska agriculture in general. Support Governor Pillen’s plan to strengthen career and technical education opportunities by working with rural employers to develop pathways like career academies, internships, apprenticeships, and scholarships.
  • Livestock and Rural Economic Development – Encourage livestock facility development and value-added ag processing growth. Any new state business incentives should include targeted opportunities for additional livestock development.
  • Siting Matrix Promotion – Support the Nebraska Animal Feeding Operation Siting Matrix and encourage its adoption by counties as well as use by producers.
  • Property Tax – Support proposals and policies that provide relief and reform of Nebraska’s property tax system as it pertains to all livestock production improvements and agricultural properties.
  • Beginning Farmer Program – Support reauthorization of the Nebraska Beginning Farmer Program and evaluate its effectiveness as it relates to those who wish to pursue swine production.
  • Broadband – Support initiatives that bring affordable high-speed internet access to all parts of Nebraska, including areas where swine production facilities are located.


  • Alternative Protein Products – Support state and federal policy that codifies the definitions of “pork” and “pork products” and ensure imitation meat products are clearly stated as such on food labels.


  • Farm Bill – Pork producers need catastrophic insurance through (USDA). NPPA supports USDA subsidized basic insurance program at $1/pig to protect farmers from low-probability, catastrophic events.
  • Immigration/Labor – Support access to a legal immigrant workforce through a streamlined year-round visa application process and a “common sense” path to citizenship for those workers already here in our country. Support VISA reform pertaining to full-time ag workers.
  • Trade – Support free trade agreements that eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers on U.S. pork shipments that result in additional exports and an increase in domestic jobs. Encourage immediate action on trade agreements which open markets for our pork products. Ensure that pork and pork products are a part of any new or renewed agreements.
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Funding – Support additional resources to expand 10-ton roads and bridges in our farm-to-market transportation system and encourage universal broadband development policies for our farms and rural communities.
  • State Laws and Ballot Initiatives – Support ‘No regulation without representation’ statutes and rules as it pertains to interstate commerce and ag products.
  • Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) – Support full authorization of funding for the FMD vaccine bank development.
  • Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) Regionalization – Support policies that regionalize livestock farms in the event of a FAD outbreak and promote continued commerce.
  • Mandatory Price Reporting – Support long-term reauthorization of Mandatory Price Reporting.
  • Supply Chain – Support efforts to relieve supply chain issues in the swine industry including international shipping, trucking, material prices, labor, etc.

For additional information contact: Al Juhnke – NPPA Executive Director, al@nepork.org or 320-894-7088 cell