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The Lierman Family

Meat the Pig Farmer,

Photo courtesy of Curt Arens, Nebraska Farmer Magazine.

Pig farmer Jared Lierman, from Beemer, is all about helping other young people in his community and in the pork industry. He is a third-generation farmer and owner of 3L Farms, a wean-to-finish operation.  Jared is president of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association. One of Jared’s goals for his presidency is to expand opportunities for independent producers and to develop options for interested persons to become pork producers. “I would like to educate as many young producers as possible about the option of raising pigs,” Jared says. His own sons are too young to commit to a life of farming, but he would like them to have the opportunity.  

In addition to helping young farmers, Jared and his wife, Patricia, believe it is important to give back to the community. Pig farmers make significant contributions to their local communities, volunteer their time and energy to support community organizations, and strive to be good neighbors. Together with another couple, the Liermans operate a gym and fitness center in the old Beemer High School. “It’s not about making money,” Jared explains. “Our goal is to break even and provide an affordable gym experience for the community.” They have also worked hard to revive the town’s softball field. 

Besides working toward his goals as president of NPPA, Jared has also enjoyed networking with and helping other producers, all while seeing change happen in real-time. There are many issues facing the industry including labor shortages, preventing foreign animal disease and the economics of operating, just to name a few. The common denominator linking all these challenges is the desire as pork producers to provide a safe, abundant, high quality and affordable food product to their global consumers.