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Travis Dunekacke

Travis Dunekacke, TD Niche Pork

Meat the Pig Farmer,

Travis Dunekacke lives in Elk Creek, Nebraska near the farm he grew up on in Johnson County.  Travis is a pig farmer, a direct marketer, and a good cook.  He found his “niche” in raising the highest quality pork for chefs of local restaurants. Travis started TD Niche Pork in 2008 as a part time hobby venture.  Today he raises pigs that are a cross breed between a Mangalitsa, a wooly pig that is fat, docile, and hardy, with a Berkshire, which are muscular, fast growing and offer a quality meat product. The business also offers Berkshire and Red Wattle x Hereford pigs for three customer pork type choices.  

These genetics, make it possible for Travis to raise his pigs mostly outside in the sunshine on dirt lots year-round. He finishes the pigs on a basic corn & soybean meal ration. Travis says, “my customers really like the quality of the pork and the color of the meat.”  

Travis proudly supplies his high-quality pork to numerous restaurants and butcher shops in the Omaha and Lincoln markets, some of those include: Boiler Room- Omaha, Carter & Rye- Omaha, CURE- Fort Calhoun, DOLCE- Omaha, Le Bouillon- Omaha, The MERCATO- Lincoln and O’tille Meats- Lincoln.

Additionally, he also sells direct to consumers. Most of the pigs are processed at Den’s Country Meats, a USDA inspected facility in nearby Table Rock.  Travis added, “You have to believe in what you are doing, it is a different market and product, a totally different clientele. I appreciate customers who understand the quality of pork and enjoy preparing it.”

When Travis is not busy caring for his pigs, you will find him helping youth learn about agriculture and giving farm tours.