Worth a Road Trip… Chez Bubba (Kinda Classy, Mostly Bubba)


 Ya just gotta love a career where a fair share of your charge is a never-ending search for restaurants, young or old, that feature fantastic pork! Then, suddenly the road turns rocky when you are forced (against your foodie soul), to pop-in for a visit and sample their wares. I mean, isn’t it vitally important that NPPA’s staff is confident that an establishment’s pork products are all they claim to be? It’s a tuff’ job, but hey, somebody’s GOT to do it…


Enter Chez Bubba, Goehner, Neb. A gem of a find recommended by both our own Terry O’Neel and Beth Haas of the Nebraska Restaurant Association. Chez Bubba opened their doors in mid-January of this year and is located at 1234 May Street on Main Street in downtown Goehner. Chez Bubba is owned and operated by two adventurous and hard-working young couples, Brennan and Patty Lavelle and Matt and Julie Howe.


Inviting atmosphere and terrific food are the keys to any successful restaurant venture and the Lavelle’s and Howe’s have nailed both elements spot on! The former service station has undergone a complete transformation and boasts handsome stained concrete floors, unique woodwork, an inviting bar and original tin ceilings that culminate in an overall atmosphere that is both cozy and fun. But enough about that, let’s talk about the p.i.g.!


 Chez Bubba has pork. Lots of it. Delicious pork. The star in their crown is the Premium Pig Sandwich- a boneless pork loin smoked perfectly pink, sliced thick and served on a bun with BBQ sauce. They also offer a grilled boneless pork loin chop on Thursdays, St. Louis style spareribs, a Carolina rib chop sandwich and rib tips. I had the pleasure of sampling the Premium Pig and I can only assume their other pork items are equally as impressive. Be sure to scour their Facebook page and web site (www.chezbubbacafe.com) for more menu items, photos and information.


Bottom line? Two thumbs up and kudos to Bubba! It’s worth a road trip…