Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s Strategic Plan


By preparing for Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) and African Swine Fever

  • Encourage “Secure Pork Supply Plan” development with producers in conjunction with National Pork Board, NDA, UNL, processors, packers, and others.
  •  Explore use of FAD tools such as AgView, RABapp, SHIP, etc.
  • Continue development of depopulation and disposal plans specific to Nebraska farms.
  • Develop reliable FAD communication plans via multiple resources including social media, USDA and State Emergency Management, Veterinarians, Nebraska Extension, and National Pork Board.

Within our community

  • Promote positive health aspects of pork consumption (dieticians, health care industry, chefs, Ag-in-Schools, etc.).
  • Promote positive pork messaging to the public.
  • Provide factual and current information about our industry, our products, and our farms.
  • Utilize pork producers to tell their stories and educate through social media, farm tours, and pork promotion within their communities.

In the public policy arena

  • “Be in the Room” at meetings, events, and hearings affecting our farmers.
  • Support ‘livestock friendly’ office holders and candidates.
  • Educate farmers on public policy issues and encourage their active participation.
  • Support pro-livestock policies at the county and local government level.
  • Work jointly with the Nebraska “Ag Leaders” group to promote strong ag policies.
  • Be agile and active in addressing issues affecting the pork industry.


In the educational sector

  • Foster impactful relationships at all school grade levels to enhance swine education.
  • Work with 2-year college programs to develop swine curriculum (including use of USPCE on-line courses, internships, and Pork 101).
  • Support swine industry career exploration for youth (FFA, 4-H, Ag classes, show pigs, others).
  • Continue swine education development and collaboration with 4-year colleges and Extension.

In the commercial sector

  • Work with food distributors, grocery stores, and others to promote pork sales.
  • Work with chefs to expand pork menus (provide product, education, ideas).
  • Collaborate with Nebraska’s Pro-Start program.

In promoting producer sustainability

  • Work with Pork Board to define producer sustainability metrics in Nebraska and solicit participation.
  • Educate about the benefits of renewable energy technologies on our farms.
  • Work with other ag groups and organizations to address healthy soils and clean water initiatives.

In the research sector

  • Use NPPA Research Committee and Check-off dollars to address unmet needs (including soil and water quality, manure benefits to soil, sow and pig welfare, etc.).
  • Prioritize NPPA funding to Nebraska research projects and researchers when possible.
  • Explore multi-state and public/private partnerships for research opportunities.
  • Explore ways to enhance our swine research facilities.