Pork Month Press Kit

October became known as National Pork Month because it was the time of year when hogs were traditionally marketed. Today it serves as a celebration of pork and the pork industry.

In 2022, pork was the most widely consumed meat across the globe at 112,538 metric tons, representing 42% of all meat consumed according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. In Nebraska, the Power of Pork is clear!

  • 1230 Pig Farms
  • 7.8 Million Pigs Marketed Annually
  • 17,866  Jobs in Pork Production
  • 1.66 Billion in Economic Impact

To help Nebraskans put more pork on the fork, we have included 5 tasty recipes in this folder. We encourage you to share these with your readers, high resolution photos are available for your use. To ensure a flavorful eating experience, we remind consumers to cook pork until the internal temperature reaches between 145 and 160 degrees, followed by a 3-minute rest.

We invite you to utilize this collection of fresh and engaging pork content highlighting nutrition, sustainability, economic impact, culinary and community. Printable PDFs are available here. Click on the content pieces and you will find a downloadable zip folder with all the components for each piece. 

Additionally, we can connect you with a local pig farmer to personalize this content. Please reach out to Jane Stone @ 402.525.1525 or jane@nepork.org.

Click on the graphics below to find a zip folder with all the materials for you to use as you see fit.