Educational Bingo Game Helps Elementary Students Learn about the Importance of Nebraska Agriculture

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association (NPPA) and the Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) are once again making an entertaining, yet instructional, game available to elementary schools.

The game, entitled Bingo, is being offered at no cost for use with second- through fifth-grade students to help them understand the importance of animal agriculture to the state’s economy. The Bingo game, a two-in-one card game introduced in 2012, features “Pork Bingo” on one side of the card, and “Soy Bingo” on the other. The games provide fun facts that teach students about the many products made from pigs and soybeans grown in Nebraska–products that we use every day.

The game kit comes with a set of 25 double-faced cards, game tokens, call-out cards, 25 worksheets and a classroom poster. The worksheets feature an 18-word crossword puzzle and a matching game that help students learn about the usefulness of Nebraska-grown pigs and soybeans.

“The NPPA and the NSB are joining forces on this project to stress how different segments of Nebraska’s agriculture industry rely on each other,” says Teri Zimmerman, NSB education and outreach manager. “This game teaches important facts about how farmers care for pigs in Nebraska, the state’s soybean industry which provides feed for the pigs, and how science helps us make use of virtually every part of the pig and soybean.”

Kyla Habrock, the NPPA’s youth leadership director, says Bingo has been widely used by elementary school teachers to teach their students about agriculture. “Our objective for this entertaining game is to make students aware of the many uses for the state’s agriculture products and how farming affects their lives in ways they may not realize,” she says.

Other educational materials provided free to the state’s elementary schools by the Nebraska Soybean Board and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association include: Food For Thought, an animated video package that gives students a look at how pork is produced in Nebraska; Pigmania, a six-lesson package that teaches students the basics about pork production; Producers, Pigs & Pork, a series of lessons that teaches students about our food supply system, centering on pork production; and Short Snoots, Soybean Sprouts, a colorful, four-page worksheet with interactive exercises to help students understand the interdependancy of pig and soybean farming in Nebraska

Teachers can order the Bingo game at Quantities are limited, so teachers are urged to order immediately.

For more information contact Karen Brokaw at 402-432-2299 or email