Producers, Pig, and Pork Teaches about Pork Production and the Nutritional Value of Pork

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association (NPPA) and the Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) are offering a free educational package to elementary schools that teaches students about our food supply system with a focus on pork production.

Producers, Pigs & Pork is a series of five lessons designed for third- through sixth-graders. Each lesson includes a DVD that enhances core learning objectives. Students will learn where their food comes from; how pigs are raised; how farmers work to protect the environment; pork’s nutritional values; non-food pork products; and food safety. Also included is an illustrated storybook about a boy’s visit to a modern pig farm, and a variety of exercises to encourage student application of educational standards and skills, such as vocabulary, science and communications.

“We’re pleased to join with the NSB to make Producers, Pigs and Pork available to the state’s elementary school teachers,” says Kyla Habrock, the NPPA’s youth leadership director. “This package developed by the National Pork Board provides great information about how pork provides high levels of protein and other nutrients that are important for good health.”

NSB Education and Outreach Manager Teri Zimmeran agrees.

“It’s very important that we start to educate Nebraskans at a young age about how their food is produced and how nutritionally beneficial pork is in their diets,” she says. She also points out that Nebraska’s soybean farmers provide much of the feed for the state’s pig farmers.

Other educational materials provided free to the state’s elementary schools by the Nebraska Soybean Board and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association include: a Bingo card game that teaches students about pork and soybean farming; Food For Thought, an animated video package that gives students a look at how pork is produced in Nebraska; Short Snoots, Soybean Sprouts, a colorful, four-page worksheet with interactive exercises to help students understand the interdependency of pig and soybean farming in Nebraska; and Pigmania, a six-lesson package that teaches students the basics about pork production.

Teachers can order Producers, Pigs and Pork at no cost at Quantities are limited, so teachers are urged to order immediately.

For more information, contact Karen Brokaw at 402-432-2299 or email