Three University of Nebraska-Lincoln agriculture students currently are serving in the Nebraska Pork Producers Association Internship Program.  


The development of the next wave of young professionals in Nebraska through the Internship program offered by the NPPA is something that we all can be very proud of. 


The investment now in this program will pay dividends for the pork industry in the future. The reality that there is a shortage of talent present today is on the minds of many individuals and organizations as they try to successfully plan for transition in the near future. The NPPA is taking the right steps to prepare for this by facilitating meaningful hands-on learning opportunities. 


Each Intern:  

  • Devotes considerable time and effort to purposeful tasks which require daily decisions that deepen their investment in their Signature Project. 
  • Interacts with professionals in the pork industry and peers about important matters and develops a meaningful relationship, much like a mentor or adviser who is committed to seeing each student succeed. 
  • Experiences diversity through contact with people who are different from themselves and develop new ways of thinking about and responding to circumstances as they work. 
  • Balances deliberative learning with contributing to the Nebraska Pork Producers Association. 


It is satisfying to know that the support we are providing each Intern can lead to other future opportunities for employment and engagement in the pork industry. 


Please welcome the 2019 Interns for the Nebraska Pork Producers Association.  


Jake Bonwell is a sophomore studying Agricultural Economics with a minor in Animal Science at UNL. He began his internship in October 2018Jake works to foster engagement with our online community using social media. Increasing engagement online has been identified as Jake’s signature intern project because he spent a lot of his life around the pork industry and is eager to help other producers connect with and be a part of the NPPA.  


Magdalene O’Brien is a sophomore studying Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems Management at UNL. She began her internship in October 2017. Magdalene is working to develop a series of live and recorded videos to build trust and foster discussion about modern pork production. Magdalene is a talented young woman and has accepted a challenging assignment to use social media and other online tools to positively shape the image of the pork industry in Nebraska.  


McCyla Mickelson is a sophomore studying Agribusiness at UNL. She began her internship in August 2018. McCyla will work to foster interest and increase youth involvement in the pork industry through a lottery pig program in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. This experience will help approximately 20 urban youth gain hands-on experience working with pigs, and having the responsibility of caring for their own pig. Interacting with students through this program has been identified as McCyla’s signature intern project because she continues to show pigs as an active member in FFA.