The NPPA joined with other Nebraska agriculture organizations and the state’s farmers and ranchers on Saturday, September 21 to host a fun event–the annual free breakfast tailgate party. This year’s event, officially entitled the “Game Day Approved Tailgate Party,” was held at Russ’s Market at 33rd and Highway 2 in Lincoln.

The goal of the event was to provide consumers with information about how Nebraska’s agriculture producers grow food and care for the land and their animals. Each organization staffed its own booth featuring food, educational materials and handouts. NPPA contributed over 800 slices of bacon for the event.

Farm organizations involved included the NPPA; Nebraska Poultry Industries; AFAN; Nebraska Corn Board; Nebraska Soybean Board; Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation; Nebraska Wheat Growers Association; Nebraska Cattlemen; Midwest Dairy; Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board and Nebraska Hop Growers Association.