PQA Plus and TQA

Pork Quality Assurance Plus®

Pork Quality Assurance® PLUS (PQA PLUS®) is a producer-driven program they can use to ensure U.S. pork products are of the highest quality and safe, and animals raised for food are cared for in a way ensuring their well-being. The program was revised repeatedly, approximately every three years, with updated content taken from new scientific knowledge, and to address the evolving industry and changing production practices. For more information on PQA PLUS Certification, visit National Pork Board.
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Transport Quality Assurance®

Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA®) is a program that helps swine transporters, producers and handlers understand how to handle, move and transport pigs and the potential impacts of those actions on pig well-being and/or pork quality. Anyone who handles or transports pigs, or sets protocols for handling pigs, is a potential influencer of animal well-being and pork quality. For more information on TQA Certification, visit the National Pork Board.
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