Sharing Knowledge


Jovial Gba-Gombo is from the Central African Republic, and came to visit Lincoln as a participant in the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Program.

He is interested in learning more about how we raise pigs in the United States so that he can share that knowledge with young students in his home country as a way to become a successful entrepreneur. Many of these students do not have families and will face many struggles. He works with these youth to help them be successful in a number of ways: in school, as good citizens, as a team member and as an entrepreneur.

He visited the Pick a Pig Project Farm with 4-H members from the Lincoln area. The pigs are kept with Harry and Lois Muhlbach north of Lincoln by Raymond. Together they give many 4-H youth the opportunity to show pigs and reap the many benefits of these experiences.

He also visited Terry O’Neel, a pig farmer near friend, NE. Terry has about 500 sows on his farm, and cares for the piglets from birth until they are full grown. Terry raises his pig indoors in barns and uses special equipment and technology to keep the pigs comfortable and safe.

Conversations about both styles of pork production helped Jovial see similarities on important topics like genetics and nutrition of pigs, while understanding the unique differences that can create challenges and opportunities.

NPPA’s education director, Kyla Haabrock and intern Haley Zabel were able to converse with Jovial and enjoy these tours also. Many people were involved in making this trip happen, thank you to all who gave their time and knowledge to make this possible.