Serving Nebraska’s Pork Industry

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Building Trust and Adding Value

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is a group dedicated to building trust and adding value to the pork industry. Our mission is to promote positive messaging about pork and educate the public about our industry and products.

Promote Positive Messaging

Educate the Public

We promote positive health aspects of pork consumption and support pro-livestock policies. In addition, we work to enhance swine education and expand pork sales in the commercial sector, promote producer sustainability, and support research initiatives in the pork industry.

The Power of pork in nebraska

The pork industry in Nebraska is a crucial component of the state’s economy, contributing significantly to both the agricultural and overall economic sectors. While the industry has undergone changes in size and structure over time, its current production levels remain vital in generating employment opportunities and earnings within the state.

Learn More About the Power of Pork

1,230 pig farms

7.8 million pigs marketed

17,866 jobs in pork production

1.66 billion in economic impact

Upcoming Events

NPPA is dedicated to promoting the pork industry and advancing the success of our members. Through a variety of events and programs, we provide opportunities for education, networking, and collaboration within the industry.


What’s New

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry updates and events related to Nebraska’s pork industry.

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Educational Resources

NPPA will provide educational resources, free of charge, for educational use in Nebraska.

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