October is Pork Month

October 7, 2019

Nebraskans Celebrate Pork Month This year

Celebrate National Pork Month in October by enjoying delicious pork for your family meals. Get creative with new pork recipes, fix old favorites and try substituting pork for other proteins in your meal plans. You can enjoy the pork on your fork, knowing it was raised by a farmer that cares about people, pigs and the planet. “If you eat, you have a connection to a farmer,” said Tim Chancellor, pork producer and President of the Nebraska Pork Producers. “October Pork Month is a time to reestablish that producer-to-consumer relationship. Our mission is to produce safe, nutritious food in a responsible manner, and we need to share how we do that with consumers. This October cook a ham, slice a marinated loin, make a pork roast, fry some bacon or create a pork surprise for the family and enjoy while talking about everyone involved in producing your meal.” The six We CareSM ethical principles guide the U.S. pork industry and demonstrate our commitment to produce a safe, high-quality pork supply. Producers are committed to: • Producing safe food • Ensuring practices to protect public health

  • Protecting and promoting animal well-being
  • Safeguarding natural resources in all industry practices
  • Providing a work environment that is safe and consistent for our people
  • Contributing to a better quality of life in their communities

The principles are summed up in the Pork Checkoff’s purpose to build trust by doing what is right for people, pigs and planet. Nebraska’s pork producers raise 3.7 million pigs each year making it one of the top pork producing states in the Country. “We know that today’s consumers are putting more pork on their fork,” Chancellor said. “They have the trust in our product as a flavorful healthy protein choice that creates a wonderful exciting eating experience.” The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is a grassroots, incorporated, nonprofit organization established in 1961. NPPA was developed to promote the pork industry through the enhancement of consumer demand, producer education and research. For more information, visit NPPA’s website at www.NEpork.org.